Artist Interview: Shogo Harada

Please introduce yourself and your work style.

My name is Shogo Harada. I am working on oil paintings. I look at the society close to me from a perspective that is pulled back as if taking a distance. I create my paintings by taking snapshots taken from such a perspective as objective, and then re-examining them subjectively.

What are the sources of inspiration for your work?

Originally, I was a little curious about the world after my death, and as I looked at the landscape in front of me, I thought that if I didn’t actively participate in it, the landscape after I was gone wouldn’t be much different, so I started looking at the world from a distance, trying not to interfere with it as much as possible.

What do you want to convey through your work?

Pull back and look at the scenery in front of you. It is as if I am looking at the landscape and myself looking at it from further back.I think this image is connected to the painting: the landscape, myself, and myself looking from behind. I would like to share the image via sharing “the painted image, the space”, “the surface of the painting and the frame of the painting”, and “the person looking at it”. I hope to share this image through the act of viewing.

As an artist, what is the most difficult thing you are facing?

I’m a little concerned that the conceptual motif in my painting is too ordinary a landscape.

What would you like to tell people who are looking at your work?

I hope the viewer can get a sense of the atmosphere I want to create from my pictures.