Artist Interview: Yukihiro Hirata

Please introduce yourself and your work style.

I mainly use watercolors as my painting medium, but I also use acrylics and foils depending on what I want to express. I consider color and composition in my sketches and try to maintain a balance between sensory and theoretical elements.

What are the sources of inspiration for your work?

There are many things I receive from nature. There was a lot of nature in the environment where I grew up. Whenever I played, when I rested my mind, when I was troubled, or when I was determined, there was nature and living things.

It gives me courage, healing, joy, surprise, and a rich heart. When I receive such positive emotions from nature, I feel that I want to leave them in my paintings and express them.

What do you want to convey through your work?

I want to convey the fun, beauty, and fascination of emotions and culture that arise from the intersection of nature and people’s lives. I believe that people are by nature attracted to things that are instinctive. We are fascinated by documentaries about nature, adolescents desperately trying to move forward, and things that have been refined after a battle. At that moment, the people involved are struggling desperately to live, and there is a lot of energy in that image. It touches the instincts of those who see it and makes their hearts sing. I myself am attracted to such figures, and I am also a party to them. By embodying this energy in my paintings, I aim to give strength to those who see them.

As an artist, what is the most difficult thing you are facing?

The most difficult thing is to continue to create pure art.

In order to make time to create peacefully, both mental and financial stability is necessary. If you are in a hurry, your work will be messy, and if you are anxious, your energy will not last until completion. If your goal is money, you will be driven by demand, and it will be hard work. There are a variety of obstacles that stand in the way of my being able to devote my time to pure creation, and I am making daily efforts to lighten them one by one.

What would you like to tell people who are looking at your work?

As long as my hands are active, I will never stop making art, so I hope you will continue to enjoy it. I hope you will continue to enjoy my work, and I hope that it will lead to enrichment of your life.