Silent Invader (SM_bg1)

Hidemi Shimura


Material : embroidery thread, acrylic board, paper ※Coil embroidery threads to thin cut acrylic boards. Stick them to an acrylic board Concept : It’s been a while since bar code has spread over our life. But “What is bar code? Who is it?” It might be an envoy sent by an alien who wants to dominate over the Earth. Or it could be some code made by some confidential organization (like CIA or something) to brainwash the people. The ‘Bar code’ must be scheming something at this time. All of you, please be careful enough when you use the bar code!” Bar code part represents something artificial and men themselves, multi color stripe parts represent the world around us. If you see the detail of the color part, mismatched colors like normally people won’t combine together are located next to each other. This world is filled with a wide variety of people and miscellaneous things, at first glance, it looks chaotic but when you see it from far away, you’ll find out unexpected harmonies.

mixed media (silk embroidery thread, acrylic board, paper)










About the artist

Her artworks produced using thread are intended to reflect the world around us as it is, such as the connection between people and people, and the connection between people and the world. Through the exhibition in Japan, Shanghai, and other cities in Europe and the U.S., now she is spreading her activity to the world gradually. In 2007, she moved to Shanghai which is her favorite city since before, and did activities as an artist there. She moved back to Japan in December 2013, now she lives in Tokorozawa-city, Saitama.