Winter 2021 Exhibition

To Create a New Art Culture

In 2020, COVID-19 transformed the world. Many normal activities came to an abrupt stop as people from all over were suddenly faced with a critical situation.

Among the many areas impacted by these changes, artists took a severe hit. The traditional method of showcasing their work (i.e. displaying it in art galleries) has been nearly impossible in many places and this loss has been felt by art-lovers around the world.

Aside from the personal struggle for some of these artists to maintain a living, what may be the greatest disappointment is what the world misses out on when artists are unable to convey meaning and uncover beauty to the world through their art.

At the same time, it has been about 200 years since the traditional model of exhibiting and selling works in art galleries was born in Europe, and despite the rapid growth of technology in the world, a new model has yet to take root in the art industry. We at Namonai believe it’s time for a change.

As a pioneer in the market, Namonai seeks to challenge what are commonplace transactions in the art industry and push forward with developing meaningful ways to connect art with art-lover in a world that is becoming increasingly digital. 

NEO ART is an exhibition made to overcome the barriers of language and distance, giving Japanese artists a global platform and the world an opportunity to discover untapped beauty. We hope you enjoy.

Exhibition Artist Interviews

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