Artist Interview: Yusaku Munakata

Please introduce yourself and your work style.

I mainly create paintings with acrylic paint on canvas. For the past few years, I have been working on abstract expression. With a minimum of elements, I try to express what I feel is essential.

What are the sources of inspiration for your work?

Spending time in nature
Ordinary life
Thinking about life, the universe, etc.
Conversation with myself

What do you want to convey through your work?

I draw pictures based on the theme of “what exists at the source of all things in the universe. It could be called “life” or “soul”.

As an artist, what is the most difficult thing you are facing?

There is a gap between what I feel is essential, which is the theme of my work, and what it means to live in modern society (economic matters, customs, etc.). How to fill this gap is an issue that I would like to focus on in the future.

What would you like to tell people who are looking at your work?

What I am interested in is what the source of all things is, and I am trying to find out through my paintings. I believe that a painting is like a doorway to the depths of oneself, so I hope that people who see my paintings can freely expand their imagination and feel their own inner world within the painting.