Miei Sato

I started my career as an artist upon graduation from university, and have held many solo exhibitions based in Kobe City. Currently, I work mainly with acrylic paints, creating two-dimensional works. I am most interested in the influence of consciousness, emotions, and sensations on the landscape reflected in my field of vision, and by reconstructing the landscape I confronted at that moment based on my memories and impressions, I depict the real world as it is transformed by subjectivity.

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1987 Born in Hyogo Prefecture 
2012 Graduated from Kyoto City University of Arts, Department of Fine Arts, Oil Painting

Solo Exhibitions

2013 "another" Gallery Forgotten Dreams, Tokyo
2014 "Miei Sato Exhibition", O Gallery eyes, Osaka
2015 "After the visitor" Gallery Forgotten Dreams, Tokyo
2015 "Silent Call," GALLERY & SPACE DELLA-PACE, Kobe, Japan

Group exhibitions

2012 Tourbillon X part2, O Gallery eyes, Osaka
2013 "outside and the inside - overflowing view" O Gallery eyes, Osaka
2014 "Concrete Ni Mal II" Kitanozaka Gallery, Kobe, Japan
2015 "The extracted element 2015" O Gallery eyes, Osaka
2015 "Living with My Favorite Furniture and Art II-With HANA," CONDE HOUSE Osaka, Osaka
2015 "Artists who live here and now 2015" Gallery Ekoan, Tokyo
2021 "[email protected]" M.A.D.S.art gallery/Milan,Italy


2020 Discover the Kobe Genius Artists Project Exhibition at Kobe Minato Onsen Lotus
2020 Kobe Mural Art Project Mural painting on the soundproof wall of the cooling tower at Kobe City Hall


2020 Discover the Kobe Genius Artists Project Honorable Mention
2021 Mellow Art Award 2020 Honorable Mention