Ryosuke Misawa

Born in Fukui Prefecture in 1992. After graduating from Rikkyo University, Department of Visual and Physical Sciences, Faculty of Contemporary Psychology, I worked for ADK before making my debut as a photographer in 2018.   In my work, I use techniques that cross over from the history of photography to painting. I create photographic works as contemporary art based on the concept of "paradox of photographic media".

  • Biography

・1992,Born in Fukui Pref, Japan.  
・Department of Body Expression and Cinematic Arts, Rikkyo University
・Contemporary Photography Artist.

​Solo Exhibition

・2019 "25's view" @ Daitokai
・2020 "Masquerade" @zakura
・2020 "TOKYO LIGHT" @Hankyu Hakata
・2021 "Grand Pas de Deux" @TokyuPlaza Ginza /KIRIKO the MUSEUM

​Group Exhibition

・2018 POP & STREET
・”AN ANNUAL" @Seibu Art Gallery, Shibuya
・2020 "SENSE" @Up side down Gallery, Daikanyama 


・2020 FILA 2020SS Heritage
・Artist collaboration item "Ryosuke Misawa x FILA" released


・2020 「IMA next #8 ”LOVE”」Shortlist (Judge ChadMoore) 

Article contribution

・2020 Adobe Creative Cloud Official