Ayami Tominaga

I am currently based in Kyoto, after having attended art colleges in Tokyo and Kyoto. I used to make surrealistic collages in the past, but after exploring the possibilities of collage, I now create light and colorful paintings by arranging touch motifs drawn by myself on supports while thinking about the harmony of colors and composition.

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・1988 Born in Nagasaki
・2009 Withdrew from Tama Art University, Faculty of Art and Design, Department of Visual and Performing Arts
・2016 Graduated from Kyoto Saga University of Arts, Junior College, Department of Fine Arts


・2016 Art Fair ART OSAKA 2016 (Hotel Granvia Osaka, Osaka)
・2016 Group Exhibition "Collage Nouveau", Sunaba Gallery, Osaka, Japan
・2016 Art Fair UNKNOWN ASIA ART EXCHANGE OSAKA 2016 (Herbis Hall, Osaka)
・2016 Art Fair 10th Aosando Art Fair (Omotesando BACCHUS, Tokyo)
・2016 Group exhibition ''Coming new gifted artists'' at Umeda Tsutaya, Osaka, Japan
・2016 Art Fair ART FAIR SAPPORO 2016, Cross Hotel Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan
・2017 Group Exhibition yodo studio × STUDIO HAIDENBAN (STUDIO HAIDENBAN, Kyoto)
・2017 Group Exhibition "Switch" (Sunaba Gallery, Osaka)
・2018 Group Exhibition Point 1: Layered Thinking (Sunaba Gallery, Osaka)
・2018 Group Exhibition: The Shape of Emotion (Sunaba Gallery, Osaka)
・2019 Group Exhibition "The 9th Gift" (Gallery Keifu, Kyoto)
・2019 Group Exhibition: Dance of Brushstrokes (Sunaba Gallery, Osaka)
・2020 Group Exhibition "personarhythm" at Sunaba Gallery, Osaka.
・2020 Solo exhibition "Kiruharu" at Sunaba Gallery, Osaka.
・2021 Group exhibition Input ⇄ Output Exhibition (HOLE IN THE WALL, Tokyo)
・2021 Pop-up @home (Isetan Shinjuku Main Store 2F TOKYO Closet, Tokyo)
・2021 Solo exhibition, Ayami Tominaga Exhibition (Vinegar and Tachibana Hall, Kyoto)


・2016 The 44th Kyoto Saga University of Arts and Kyoto Saga Junior College Graduation Works Exhibition, University Prize