Hideshi Nagayoshi

I am based in Niigata, Japan. I work mainly in Japan. I have been exploring the possibilities of Japanese painting materials and have been working on the reproduction of classical paintings as well as pure expression.

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Currently, he is a Special Researcher at the Japan Institute of Arts, a member of the Regional Cooperative Education Promotion Program, and an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Education, Niigata University.  

1972 Born in Nagoya, Japan
1997 Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, Graduate School of Painting, Master's Program in Japanese Painting.
1995 Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Japanese Painting

Main painting career
・Kawajiri Paintbrush "Paintbrush and Art Festival" Mizuhokuga open call for entries.
・Kawajiri Brush "Brush and Art Festival" Mizukitaiga Open Call Silver Award (2009 Bronze Award)
・The 11th Shinsengendo Shinsengendo Exhibition New Selection Award 
・ (2009 Encouragement Award) Shinshu 2nd "Takato no Shiki" Grand Prize Exhibition, Encouragement Award   
・ (2009 Encouragement Award)
・The 54th Spring Exhibition of the Japan Academy of Art. (Since then, every year)
・First selected for the 84th Japan Academy of Fine Arts "Tenshu" Exhibition. (After that, selected 20 times)
・Won the Excellence Award at the 4th Flower and Bird Painting Exhibition at Matsuhashi Art Museum. (Eighth Grand Prize in 2002)

Solo exhibitions, special exhibitions, etc.
・Solo exhibition "Shuji Nagayoshi Japanese Painting Exhibition: A Piece of the Road - Whispers of Small People", Yahiko-no-Migaoka Museum of Art, Niigata Prefecture
・Special exhibition "Artists associated with Niigata", Niigata Mitsukoshi (Niigata)
・Solo exhibition at Sakae Branch, Mitsukoshi, Nagoya (Nagoya) 
・Also held in 2017
・Solo exhibition at Takamatsu Mitsukoshi.
・Participated in the "Niigata Artists' Small Works Exhibition".
・Exhibited "Small Works by Niigata Artists" at Niigata Mitsukoshi (Niigata).
・Niigata Mitsukoshi (Niigata)  
・Held a solo exhibition at Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi department store in Tokyo.  
・Also held at Tokusen Gallery in 2008.
・Special exhibition "Seven artists related to the sky
・Yahiko Community Center in Niigata Prefecture. 
・Solo exhibition at Shinjuku Hall in Tokyo in 2009. 
・Solo exhibition at Kobe Art Center in 2008.
・Held a special exhibition "Shinjuku-kai" at Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Department Store, Tokyo. (Tokyo) (6 times since then) 

・2018 "Roadside Still Life" by Shuji Nagayoshi, published by Gindosha. 2020, paperback edition of the same released in September.
・In 2016, created a mural recreating the Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss at Kochoji Temple in Sekigawa Village, Niigata Prefecture. Production of murals (adopted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology as a research project)
・In 2015, a project to reproduce the ceiling painting of Ehime Shrine in Hakusan, Teradouri, Niigata. Production and Supervision
・2011 Joint project between the Izumo Museum of Art and Tokyo University of the Arts Reproduction of the current state of Bandana Gongyoki in the Heisei edition (in the collection of the Izumo Museum of Art)
・2008 A joint project between the Gotoh Museum of Art and Tokyo University of the Arts A copy of the Heisei edition of The Tale of Genji. Museum Collection
・1997 Research commissioned by the Tokyo University of the Arts; reproduction of a zenith painting from the Momoyama period: chrysanthemum, red hibiscus, Chiyo "aoi" and "chicken head", collection of the Aoyama Museum of History and Literature, Osaka
・URL: tiktok.com/@hideshinagayoshi
・Instagram account URL: -   
・Book title: "Roadside Still Life" by Shuji Nagayoshi, published by Gintosha.