Chihiro Oka

I depict a space where several worlds intersect, using techniques unique to Japanese-style painting that utilize the attractiveness of mineral pigments and foil. I often paint figures as symbols of what holds the real world and the dream world together.

  • Biography


・1999 Born in Kanagawa, Japan
・2019 Entered Tama Art University, Department of Painting, Japanese Painting Major
・Currently enrolled in Tama Art University, majoring in Japanese Painting

Selected Exhibitions

・2020: Japanese Painting Exhibition "Soramimi" (Three Artists)
・2020 The First Bunka Art Exhibition
・2020 Five Art University Exchange Exhibition "BUSTERS!
・2020: Exhibition at Muuro Softbank Corporation Tokyo Shiodome Building
・2021 Sapporo MOGA
・2021 Seven Japanese Painting Exhibition "After the Rain
・2021: Five Japanese Painting Artists Exhibition "Bedtime stories


・Recommended Prize, Five Art University Exchange Exhibition, Tokyo