taisirou satou

I am based in Tokyo, Japan, and my work focuses on photography.

  • Biography

Born in Higashiyamato City, Tokyo
Graduated from Higashiyamato Municipal Daisan Elementary School
Graduated from Waseda Jitsugyo Gakko (Middle School)
Graduated from Tokyo Metropolitan Art High School, Oil Painting Course
Graduated from Tokyo Polytechnic University, Faculty of Arts, Department of Photography

1999 "IROERAKUSHI × DODORAKUSHA" Exhibition at GALLERY ZO, Iidabashi
2002 "YIN & YANG" Fox Talbot Award, Monochrome Prize
2003- "Light Drawings", "YIN & YANG", "void of void -an aching void-", "butterflies", and other series  
2003- "Light Drawings," "YIN & YANG," "void of void: an aching void," "butterflies," and other series
Directed exhibitions at clubs and cafes in Tokyo and other cities.
2005 "honest portrait" exhibition - Kichijoji momo curry
2006 "into the KENYA - Tashiro Sato Photo Exhibition" (3 photo exhibitions on the theme of Kenya)
2006- cheka, cheka, cheka!" ~kichijoji momo curry~ 2006
2006- on and on" -Shibuya SUNDALAND CAFE
2007 "safari, mpaka MBUNGUNI" ~Shibuya Kawara -CAFE & DINING- ~.
2007 "Road to the Forest" collaboration with Natsumi Ohira (painter)
2007 Collaboration with Live Up Capsules (theater company), "Famicon
2008 "Birth", dragonfly, a collaboration with dragonfly 
2008 "Birth" dragon × Tashiro Sato SPECIAL EXHIBITION 
2008 "People, Sound, Dance and Life in East Africa" Hiroo JICA Chikyu Hiroba (work provided)
2009 CD "Nyatiti Diva" Anyango (musician) release party
2009 CD "Nyatiti Diva" Anyango (musician) release party
2009 Exhibition "Ashino-Iono History Walk and Gallery" (work provided)
2010 "Ashino-Iono History Walk and Gallery" exhibition (work provided)
2016 "an eggs II" - Art Fair Tokyo 2016 - Rihan Arts Collection
2017 Started selling "an eggs II" at SUN MOTOYAMA Art Library (Ginza Main Store)