Rie Fujii

I am based in Tokyo, Japan, and my work is mainly drawing-like. I accumulate memories of striking colors, shapes, and rhythms that I see in my daily life, and transform them into original abstract images that I discharge. It is a pleasure to create a chain of sensibility in which the world seen through the filter of oneself changes in many ways depending on the sensibility of the viewer.

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・1997 Born in Nagano, Japan
・2016 Entered the Western-style painting course at Tohoku University of Art & Design
・2018 Group Exhibition "18×18 Tile Art" Yu Gallery -gallery2+/Ginza
・2018 Won a prize at the public exhibition "The 4th Liquitex Art Competition
・2019 Group Exhibition "The World of 0 - APRIL 2019" Yu Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo
・2020 Group Exhibition "Tohoku no Ibuki-perche" Surugadai Gallery / Ginza, Tokyo
・2020 Group Exhibition "coexist I 2020 - Coexistence I" art point gallery / Ginza, Tokyo
・2020 Group Exhibition - Live Painting "Asagaya Art Street 2020", Suginami Industry and Commerce Hall, Asagaya, Tokyo