yasuhito fujisawa

The canvas is Like a whiteout fog Like a whiteout fog, it hides something inside standing up in front of me. In front of the fog Different times A memory of some passing membrane A thin film with a few traces of them Overlapping the thin film On the other side I'm peeking at a form that drifts vaguely

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1979 Born in Kagawa, Japan
2007 MFA, Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts, majoring in oil painting

Group Exhibition
2007 Outrange, Bunbodo Gallery, Tokyo
2018 Town, Painting and. Ekoda area, Tokyo
2019 Independent Tokyo, Asakusabashi Hulichall (Ryoko Kido (KIDO Press) Award)
2020 SICF21, Spiral / Gift2020, Shinobazu Gallery