Fuyumi Kawaguchi

I am based in Tokyo from Fukuoka. I create my works through my own eyes and inner world, trying to capture the parts of the motifs that cannot be seen with the naked eye, and my own unique worldview.

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1996 Born in Fukuoka, Japan
2016 Entered Tokyo University of the Arts
2020 Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts
2021 Enrolled in Master's program at Tokyo University of the Arts

Major Awards
2020 Selected, The 47th Soga Exhibition
Selected, 48th Spring Soga Exhibition, 2021

Main Exhibition
Group Exhibition
2017 Hymns of Spring
2017 Birdful Exhibition
2017 “Wonderful New Year Exhibition
2018 "KENZAN2018
2020 The 47th Souga Exhibition
2021 The 47th Spring Soga Exhibition