Hitomi ONO

Born in Tokyo, Japan in 1993. I completed the oil painting course at Musashino Art University Graduate School in 2018, and I am currently based in my studio in Tokyo. I continue to create abstract paintings using acrylic paints on thin fibers such as silk and organdy.

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1993 Born in Tokyo, Japan

2018 M.F.A. Musashino Art University, Oil Painting Course
Currently based in Tokyo, Japan

Solo Exhibitions

2016 solo exhibition of Hitomi Ono in commemoration of the 35th anniversary of the opening of the gallery, "Searching for the rainbow and following the sound of rain", Art Space 88, Kunitachi, Japan

2018 Roppongi α Art Week "Hitomi Ono Exhibition", Roppongi 605 Gallery, Roppongi, Tokyo

2019 Shinjuku Creators Festa 2019 "Behavior", Hiltopia Art Square, Shinjuku, Tokyo
Hitomi Ono Exhibition "To be or not to be" space2*3, Nihonbashi, Tokyo

Group Exhibition

2016 "Wonder Seed 2016" Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan, Selected
Riken Exhibition Project 2016", Riken Yokohama Campus, Yokohama, Japan

2017 "In Progress--Japanese Young Artists Exhibition", Shanghai, China

2018 "Slide, Flip, and Turn: Seven Artists' Books," Musashino Art University Museum Library, Kodaira, Japan

2021 2021 small works by space2*3 artists, space2*3, Nihonbashi, Tokyo

2020 "Let's Go to the Gallery 2020" Sukiwa, Nishiogikubo Selected
Ikebukuro Art Gathering Public Exhibition "IAG AWARDS 2020", Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space, Ikebukuro, Tokyo


80th Anniversary Encouragement Scholarship for Master's Course, Musashino Art University, Japan.
The 32nd Holbein Scholarship, Tokyo, Japan
Kamiyama Foundation Art Support Program, 3rd term
Encouragement Award, Moriya Scholarship Foundation, Tokyo, Japan

Public Collection

Moritani Scholarship Foundation