Daichi Ichinose

I am based in Kansai, Japan and started my career as an artist in 2018. I draw paintings with a simple touch but with a sense of temperature and air, using landscapes as my main motif.

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・1995 Born in Nara Prefecture
・2018 Graduated from Osaka Seikei University, Department of Fine Arts

Solo exhibitions

・2020 "Ao no tsurezure" Osaka
・2020 "Hibi no Fukinuke" Osaka
・2020 "The Meaningless" Hyogo
・2020 "In other words, red is red" Osaka
・2021 "Window to Think" Osaka

Art Residences

・2020 "Kuuki ha kabu yo" Ehime
・2021 "Artist in Hibernation @ Shinshu" Nagano

Art Fair

・2021 "BAM Busan Annual Market of art 2021" Korea