I am working on a piece of work that expresses a "stone garden" using paper, a material that is the exact opposite of stone. I apply layers of color to the paper and paint as if I am carving the annual rings of the stone. The color of the stone is not homogeneous, but wavers in a subtle gradation, and the color seeps out from within. Using paper, a medium created by human beings, to imitate stone, a symbol of eternity, through his own body is an act of reverence for nature, and is also an act of longing. Many of my works are inspired by Japanese gardens, most notably the Katsura Rikyu Garden.

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・1989 Born in Kanagawa, Japan
・2013 Graduated from Musashino Art University, Department of Basic Design
・2013 Awarded Excellence Prize at Graduation Works Exhibition "Assembling Stones"
・2017 Solo exhibition "Sai-shu" at Gallery Cafe 3 (Koenji, Tokyo)
・2019 Featured as a recommended young artist by Yasuhiro Suzuki in pen magazine (Feb. 15 issue).
・2019 Art Olympia 2019 Honorable Mention
・2019 Solo exhibition "Pick up" at Gallery Cafe 3, Koenji, Tokyo.
・2020 Participated in the exhibition "a cup of art"
・2020 Selected, Sukiyowa public exhibition
・2020 Group exhibition "She came from the bathroom window! participated in Ofuro-so (former Takatsuyu), Tokyo
・2020 Solo exhibition "Tataru" at Gallery Cafe 3, Koenji, Tokyo