Naoko Shin

I create mainly two-dimensional works with the theme of the uncertain world that is filled with overwhelming power and cannot be grasped, and the life and the workings of nature that can certainly be felt within it.

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・2013 University of Tsukuba, Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences, Master of Fine Arts, Western Painting Course, Completed
・2011 Graduated from University of Tsukuba, Faculty of Art and Design, Western-style Painting Course
・1988 Born in Kagoshima, Japan

Solo Exhibitions

・2019 Naoko Shin exhibition "little garden" (Art Complex Center, Tokyo)
・2018 Naoko Shin exhibition "overflowing" (Art Complex Center, Tokyo)
・2017 Naoko Shin exhibition "chain" (Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi, Art Spot, Tokyo)
・2016 Naoko Shin exhibition "great flow" (Gallery K, Tokyo)
・2014 Naoko Shin Exhibition "grace" (Gallery K, Tokyo)

Selected group exhibitions and art fairs

・2021 Beautiful Time Part3 (Gallery K, Tokyo)
・2021 868788 ('17), Art Complex Center, Tokyo, Japan
・2021 "Insupi" Korean Exhibition ('20), Corridor Gallery 34 at Park Hotel Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
・2020 Orie 30x30cm Art Exhibition "Rich Seasons III" (Orie Art Gallery/Tokyo)
・2020 Tsukuba Prize for Painting Exhibition (Seibu Ikebukuro, Tokyo)
・2020 Japan Collage 2020 Part2 ('17,'14), Gallery K, Tokyo, Japan
・2019 Kaze wa nanairo desuka ('18) (Gallery K, Tokyo) 
・2017 Fine Art Universiade U-35 (Ibaraki Prefecture Tsukuba Art Museum, Ibaraki)
・2017 The 4th Future Exhibition, Competition of Art University, Nichido Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
・2017 "肆軌" ACT Art Grand Prize Exhibition 2017 Excellence Award Winners Group Exhibition, Art Complex Center, Tokyo, Japan
・2017 FACE Exhibition 2017 (Seiji Togo Memorial Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Museum of Art / Tokyo)
・2016 Wonder Seed 2016 ('12) (Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya, Tokyo)
・2010 Japan-China Art Exchange Exhibition (China Academy of Fine Arts / People's Republic of China)

Selected Awards

・2020 Encouragement Prize, Tsukuba Prize for Painting, Japan
・2018 The 32nd Holbein Scholarship Scholar
・2017 Excellent Prize, ACT Art Grand Prize Exhibition 2017
・2017 FACE2017 (Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Art Award) Special Jury Prize (Jury: Akira Horimoto), Audience Prize
・2016 Selected, Wonder Seed 2016 ('12)
・2015 Recommended for the 5th Next Art Exhibition
・2012 The 5th Mitsuhito Toneyama Memorial Grand Prize Exhibition, Triennale Kitakami, Division 1, Division Prize, Purchase
・2011 Encouragement Prize, The 66th Southern Japan Art Exhibition
・2009 The 7th Nakasatsunai Village Kita no Daichi Biennale, Kita no Daichi Grand Prize, Purchased

Public Collection

・Mitsui Garden Hotel Gotanda


・2021 "The Wind Blows from the Mountains Why climb mountains with me? “ by Mio Nukaga (Futami Shobo)