Miho Sato

I started painting in 2017, self-taught. I create consciously and unconsciously with themes of life and everyday life. The universal that lies deep within the individual resonates with the senses of others. The intersection, connection, and common denominator of each of our daily lives is life. I hope that the days we live with paintings will become normal.

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・1991 Born in Fukushima, Japan. Feel the color in the sound.
・2015 Started singing.
・2017 Picked up art materials at an old stationery store in her hometown of Fukushima in order to draw sounds.
・2018 Realizes that painting is a way to visualize life, and that abstract expression is a way to enhance and extract the purity of sensations and events.
・2019 First solo exhibition at Oomachi Gallery (Fukushima). Start working as an artist.
・2020 In addition to solo and group exhibitions, she will create custom works and collaborate with others.
・2021 Seeking an approach to everyday life with pictures.