Born in Hokkaido, Japan in 1991. I grew up with vast nature and Osamu Tezuka's manga. I have created two series of two-dimensional and semi-dimensional works: "O series" using the symbol "O"(maru) and "Plant series" expressing nature, which is the cause of my allergy symptoms. I draw cellular energy that transcends the boundaries of species in a black world where external information is blocked.

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Born in Sapporo, Hokkaido

Sapporo Otani Junior College, Department of Fine Arts.

Exhibition   "ACT ART COM 2018" in Tokyo
Exhibition   "Independent Tokyo2018" in Tokyo

Exhibition   "Abstract Art Exhibition 8" / Tokyo . Japan
Exhibition   "Belladonna Art Exhibition" /Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum  / Tokyo . Japan
Exhibition   "ART POINT in Paris" / Galerie Métanoïa / Paris
Exhibition   "ART POINT Selection III" / GALLERY ART POINT  / Tokyo . Japan

Solo Exhibition   "◯hiromi solo exhibition
Cellular sense and thought" / GALLERY ART POINT / Tokyo

Exhibition  NAU 21st Century Art Coalition Recommended / Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum./ Tokyo . Japan
Exhibition   "Abstract Art Exhibition 10” / Tokyo . Japan


5th Hokkaido Art Association sponsored Road Exhibition U-21 Excellence Award