Fumiya Odagawa

My work is triggered by events and impressions in my daily life. People passing by, the deep purple of a carpet, a row of tin toys... I extract the elements that attract me from these casual and random accumulations of memories, and draw them on the canvas. As a result, the outlines and colors of the motifs vaguely blend together, and the shapes, arrangements, and even the sense of perspective are transformed into the most beautiful ideal form of remembrance. These paintings bring out the nostalgia that everyone has, and even the memory and the painting are blended together to evoke a dream that should not exist. My paintings exist as a ticket to a world where sympathy and discomfort, and all kinds of undecidable events coexist.

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・1996 Born in Kanagawa, Japan
・2018 Graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, Department of Painting, Japanese Painting
・2020 M.F.A. Tokyo University of the Arts 

Exhibitions and Awards

・2015 Certificate, Kanaya Museum of Art Competition 
・2015 Excellent Prize, Geidai Art Plaza Grand Prize Exhibition
・2016 SEED Yamatane Museum of Art Japanese Painting Award, Honorable Mention
・2016 Special Jury Prize, Tadashi Ishimoto Japanese Painting Grand Prize Exhibition
・2017 Yoh Gallery Selected Exhibition, Excellent Prize
・2018 Tokyo University of the Arts Graduation Works Exhibition, Salon de Printemps Prize, Mayor of Taito City Prize 
・2018 Grand Prize, Bino-sha Student Selection Exhibition
・2019 Fumiya Odagawa solo exhibition, GALLERY BINOSHA
・2020 Keisei Electric Railway Art Prize, Tokyo University of the Arts Graduation Works Exhibition
・2020 Let's go to the gallery Sukiyowa Prize
・2021 Fumiya Odagawa solo exhibition, Sukiyowa
・2021 Fumiya Odagawa solo exhibition "medicinal curry & medicinal food, kashokuraku