Ryo Kiyohara

I am a Tokyo-based artist. I create paintings based on images of buildings and other structures that have become historically significant, as well as lightbox-like works based on aerial photographs of these places. Conversely, I create works using sample images and other images that do not have much meaning as a motif.

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・1987 Born in Hiroshima, Japan.
・2011 B.F.A. in Painting, Tokyo Zokei University, 
・2013 M.F.A. in Fine Arts, Tokyo Zokei University


・2020 "Ryo Kiyohara" Exhibition, Gallery MAP, Fukuoka, Japan
・2019 The Art of the Eight Colored Forest Exhibition, Ikeda Memorial Art Museum, Niigata, Japan
・2018 3331 ART FAIR 2018
・2017 G Selection Ryo Kiyohara Mediumpicture, Gallery G, Hiroshima 
・2017 connecting the dots, Estonian Print &Paper Museum/Tartu, Estonia
・2016 The World from a Shoe Box, Cheongju Municipal Museum of Art, Cheongju, Korea
・2015 Art Program Ome 2015 - Opening the sensibility, Ome City Museum of Art, Tokyo
・2014 rgb+exhibition vol.6, Assistant Exhibition of Painting Major, zokei gallery, Tokyo, Japan