Sana Onishi

I mainly create two-dimensional works using oil, based on the concept of the relationship between the image and the phenomena caused by the materiality of painting. In recent years, I have been developing works that express the subtle differences in texture on a flat surface in a layered manner.

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Born and lives in Mie, Japan

Brief Bio
2006 B.F.A. in Painting, Faculty of Arts and Crafts, Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts
2008 M.F.A. in Painting, Graduate School of Formative Arts, Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts

Major Awards
2011 Selected, Tokyo Wonder Seed 2011 
2015 Selected, Tokyo Wonder Wall 2015
2020 Selected, Shell Art Award 2020

2011 Tokyo Wonder Seed 2011, Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya, Tokyo
2015 Tokyo Wonder Wall 2015 Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo
2015 New Generation in Mie 2015 Mie Prefectural Art Museum, Yoshitatsu Yanagihara Memorial Hall, Mie
2015 Fresh2014 Sana Onishi Day dream, Museum of Contemporary Art Ise, Mie
2016 The 5th public exhibition "Rainy days and..." Gallery Camellia, Tokyo
2020 Shell Art Award Exhibition 2020 The National Art Center, Tokyo

Public Collection
2014 Museum of Contemporary Art Ise, Mie