Yuka Setoguchi

I am based in Hiroshima, Japan and paint animals and landscapes using Japanese painting techniques. The theme of my work is nostalgia for my own hometown.

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・1993 Born in Kagoshima, Japan
・2018 Completed Master's program (Japanese Painting Course), Graduate School of Fine Arts, Onomichi City University
Currently a research member of the Japan Art Academy

Selected Awards and Exhibitions

・2017 Selected, Monthly Art Newcomer Award, Debut 2017
・2017 Selected, WONDER SEEDS 2017
・2017 Selected, 7th Triennale Toyohashi, Shingo Hoshino Award Exhibition
・2018 The 73rd Spring In-Ten, First Prize, Japan
・2018 Selected for the first time for the 103rd Inten Exhibition [Selected for the same '20].
・2018 Solo Exhibition "Yuka Setoguchi Exhibition" (gallery G / Hiroshima)
・2019 Solo Exhibition "Yuka Setoguchi Exhibition" at Cafe Rondo in Hiroshima.
・2019 Group Exhibition "Generation Exhibition" (gallery718 / Hiroshima)
・2019 "Tomorrow Meeting" - Onomichi City University Japanese Painting Selection - (Fukuyama Tenmaya / Hiroshima)
・2020 Special G Selection "New Year Nihonga Exhibition" (galleryG/Hiroshima)
・2020 "FOCUS ON COLOR OF LIFE Porto" (Art Fair / Portugal)
・2020 "The 2nd Meeting of Tomorrow" - Onomichi City University Japanese Painting Selection - (Fukuyama Tenmanya/Hiroshima)
・2021 Special G Selection "New Year Nihonga Exhibition" (galleryG/Hiroshima)
・2021 Solo Exhibition "Yuka Setoguchi Exhibition" (Cafe Rondo, Hiroshima)
・2021 The 3rd Kesararai-kai, Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music, Onomichi City University, Kyoto University of Arts, Kurashiki University of Science and the Arts, Hiroshima City University Selected Exhibition of Japanese Painting (Sogo Hiroshima)