Haruka Saino

I create two-dimensional works, mostly in oil, using transparent colors. I create abstract paintings by discovering beautiful phenomena that arise accidentally outside the scope of my consciousness and intention. In recent years, I have been working on a series of strokes utilizing brushstrokes like unconscious note-taking.

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・1986 Born in Ibaraki, Japan
・2010 Graduated from Nagoya University of Arts, Department of Design
・2021 Lives and works in Aichi Prefecture

Selected Exhibitions

・2008 Solo Exhibition "Sekai no Sukima" (Kakuozan Apartment, Nagoya)
・2011 Group Exhibition "Circus", Art Space A-1, Nagoya, Japan
・2012 Group Exhibition "Metier", Nagoya City Public Hall, Nagoya, Japan
・2015 Group Exhibition "Nagoya University of Arts OB Selected Exhibition" at Gallery Sai, Nagoya.
・2016 Solo Exhibition "Haruka SAINO exhibition" at Mizukami Building in Toyohashi, Japan.
・2016 Solo Exhibition "blue hour" at Sangenya Apartment in Hiroshima.
・2016 Solo Exhibition "Dream Minawa" at Gallery Sai in Nagoya.
・2018 Solo Exhibition "Lyricism" at Gallery White Cube in Nagoya. 
・2018 Solo Exhibition "eclosion" at Cafe Aratart / Nagoya.
・2019 Two-person exhibition "The end of summer-genohate" at Esplanade GALLERY in Nagoya.
・2020 Solo Exhibition "To appear and to frolic" at Gallery White Cube in Nagoya. 
・2020 Solo Exhibition "Haruka SAINO Drawing Exhibition" at Cafe Aratart / Nagoya.
・2020 Two-person show "Temperature of Transparency" at iTohen, Osaka. 


・2008 Wall Painting (AEON Nagoya Minato Bay City / Nagoya)
・2008 Glass Wall Design Workshop (Nagoya City Youth Exchange Plaza/Nagoya)
・2009 Workshop (Tokoname Field Trip 2009/Tokoname City)
・2009 Live Painting "Talking with the Moon, Sound Talk, Drawing Words" (Sorairo Kyokudama, Nagoya)
・2012 Artist in Residence (Cité des Arts/Paris)
・2020 Costume cooperation "Blotting water and empty shells" (Aichi Prefectural Art Theater)