Erina Watanabe

I am based in Kyoto, Japan, and have been working for about five years. I am interested in the behavior of people and things, and my work is based on photography. In my silkscreen series, I treat the photographs I take as mere images, and attempt to replace them with silkscreens using only light and RGB colors as if they were liquid crystals.

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・1995 Born in Hyogo Prefecture
・2018 Graduated from Kyoto Seika University, Faculty of Art, Printmaking Course

Solo Exhibitions

・2017 "pitfall" (Atelier Sangetsu, Osaka) 
・2020 Mirage and Fish (kumagusukuSAS, Kyoto)

Group Exhibitions

・2016 My Exhibition, kara-S, Kyoto, Japan
・2016 Multiply, Gallery Flor, Kyoto, Japan
・2017 Please use 180 mesh (kara-S, Kyoto)
・2017 SICF18, Spiral Garden, Tokyo, Japan
・2017 The 42nd National Large Print Exhibition (Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts, Tokyo)
・2018 Kyoto Seika University Exhibition 2018 (Kyoto Seika University, Kyoto)
・2018 Kinoprint2018 (Gallery Hillgate, Kyoto)
・2018 Selected Graduation Works and Thesis Exhibition 2018 (Kyoto Seika University, Kyoto) 
・2018 showcase "girls" (Atelier Sangetsu, Osaka) 
・2019 FLAG (Atelier Sangetsu, Osaka)
・2020 Tracing My Memories (hatoba cafe/ gallery, Kyoto)