Yasuyuki Tsuchiya

My works are created with stationeries. COVID-19 transformed our work style into working from home, and we are now in the world where everything can be handled online and completed in a paperless manner. In such a situation, stationeries have lost the opportunities to work and I provide them with chances to work in the new field called art.

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Born and Raised in Hiroshima, Living in Tokyo.
Graduated from the University of Tokyo, Faculty of Education. 

2018 Independent Tokyo 2018 (Art Fair, Tokyo)
2019 Independent Tokyo 2019 (Art Fair, Tokyo)
2020 UNKNOWN ASIA 2020 (Art Fair, Online)
2020 Independent Tokyo 2020 (Art Fair, Tokyo)
2021 Bang the Bung (Solo Exhibition, Tokyo)
2021 UNKNOWN ASIA 2021 (Art Fair, Osaka)
2021 NEO ART (Group Exhibition, Online)
2021 UNKNOWN ASIA EXTRA 2021 (Group Exhibition, Osaka)