Yoko Nishida

Based in Kobe, Japan. In addition to tableware and vases, I create three-dimensional works using ceramics.

  • Biography

・1995 Born in Kobe City, Japan
・2019 Graduated from Tama Art University, Faculty of Art and Design, Department of Crafts, Major in Ceramics
・2020 Graduated from Tajimi City Ceramic Design Institute


・2016 "Crossing Exhibition vol.9" / Kanagawa, Japan
・2018 "Love Ceramics", Tama Art University, Tokyo, Japan
・2019 "few" Graduation Exhibition, Department of Crafts, Tama Art University /Spiral Garden, Tokyo, Japan
・2020 "Pottery Today: The Kirinji Who Took on the Tea Bowl" / Gallery Voice / Gifu, Japan /Gallery Voice, Gifu, Japan
・2020 "1000vases", Paris, France
・2020 "Genre-less Group Exhibition intersection9.5 /#1010 / Nagoya, Aichi, Japan
・2020 "Gallery Bino-sa Student Selection Exhibition 2020", Tokyo /gallery Bino-sa / Tokyo, Japan
・2020 "Young Artist Open Call Exhibition: Ii bud Fukura bud / Matsuzakaya Nagoya / Nagoya, Aichi, Japan
・2021 "God of Eating" / Tokyo, Japan
・2021 "Graduate Exhibition" / Tokyo, Japan