Yosuke Hasegawa

I started out with money origami, which I folded for fun. Over the next ten years, it developed into various forms of art using money. Everything in the world is dominated and controlled by the money system, and people can no longer escape it. The system of money, based on the virtual trust that mere paper has value, has created a disparate society that can be called classism and slavery. I would like to express the world of money, the greatest invention of mankind, from various directions with irony. After graduating from Musashino Art University, I worked as an advertising designer and CG illustrator before becoming an artist, and after the 311 disaster I moved to Bangkok, Thailand, and have been living in Taipei, Taiwan, for the past three years.

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・Graduated Musashino Art University visual communication design
After working as an advertising graphic designer, video creator, 3DCG illustrator, etc.,
・Currently works and lives in Taipei as an artist 


・1992 Japan Photographers Society Award / Jury Recommended Works
・1996 Philip Morriss Art Award
・2005 Wavy Awards2004-2005 / Highest award
・2006 Japan Media Arts Festival / Jury Recommended Works
・2010 Yomiuri Advertising Awards / Award sponsors, Inc.
・2012 Asia Digital Art Award / Special award
・2014 NEW ARTIST Exhibition / Silver Prize (Sydney,Australia)
・2016 31th Chelsea International Fine Art Competition /Certificate of Excellence (NewYork, USA)


・2010.07 Folding the World Exhibition(Tokyo, Japan)
・2011.09 ART from the ashes / Support ~ Artists Unite for Japan Exhibition (California, USA )   
・2012.02 DUST AND SCRATCHES Photo Exhibition (Moscow, Russia ) 
・2012.02 The Art of Money Exhibition  (PATAKA Museum of Arts and Cultures / New Zealand)
・2013.04 Art of Money Exhibition(Tokyo, Japan)
・2014.04 NEW ARTIST Exhibition   (Gaffa Gallery / Sydney, Australia)
・2015.07 Moneylicious Exhibition   (Tadu Contemporary Art Gallery / Bangkok, Thailand)
・2018.06 紙的進化論展  Evolution of Paper Exhibition , Chung Hsing Cultural Park / Yilan, Taiwan
・2019.04 Contemporary Art Salon Spring 2019 (Auction Center Taipei / Taipei, Taiwan)
・2019.07 Paper Money Exhibition (Tokyo Arts Gallery / Tokyo, Japan)
・2019.10 Contemporary Art Salon Autumn 2019 (Auction Center Taipei / Taipei, Taiwan)
・2019.11 STRATEGY OF MONEY  Solo Exhibition (Auction Center Taipei / Taipei, Taiwan)
・2019.12 The Art of Currency  Solo Exhibition ( bau.yu. art center / Taipei, Taiwan)
・2020.01 0101Art Fair (Auction Center Taipei / Taipei, Taiwan) 
・2021.04 Contemporary Art Salon Spring 2021 (Auction Center Taipei / Taipei, Taiwan)