I am based in Tokyo, Japan, and have set up a studio and gallery in my office. I create mainly two-dimensional works on the theme of "colors emerging from cracks "new possibilities".

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Born in 1981 in Tokyo, Japan.
Started my own business in 2011.
Went to auctions to experience art.
Became an art collector.

・2017 I started painting on my own with the idea of "making the art industry in Japan bigger! I started painting on my own.
・2020 In the midst of the pandemic, I started Instagram with the hope that people around the world would see new possibilities in my work.
・2021 Start selling my work in earnest.
・2021 Exhibited at M.A.D.S exhibition in Milan, Italy
・2021 Exhibited at the 23rd AIDS Charity Art Exhibition held at the Kyocera Museum of Art.
・2021 Participated in the 5th Mahoroba Asuka Art Exhibition at Nara Prefecture Manyo Culture Museum, and received the President's Art Award.
・2021 Participated in the ARTRUM group exhibition at Gallery 21, Grand Nikko Hotel.
・2021 Participated in Art Market ih Daiba Group Exhibition at Gallery 21 in Grand Nikko Hotel.
・2021 Exhibited at FOCUSARTFair in Paris, France.
Exhibited at FOCUSARTFair in London, England, August 2021.
・2022 Selected for the 27th National Exhibition of Selected Artists in Japanese Art, exhibited at The Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo